Corporate Status

Richmond Borough in Bloom (RBIB) is an independent community group acting in co-operation with Richmond upon Thames Borough Council. It was founded in 1990.


The main object is the visual enhancement of the borough’s natural resources through wider use of floral display within both public and residential areas throughout all parts of the Borough

Subsidiary related objectives are:

  • to promote wider understanding of related environmental and conservation aspects
  • to offer advice and support to residents, schools, community groups and business in relation to their development of floral display
  • to contribute to the education of young people in appreciation of their natural environment
  • to support and encourage the Council’s endeavours to achieve awards within the London in Bloom scheme


All activities are designed to promote fulfilment of the objects and include:

  • organising and managing gardening and floral display competitions
  • seeking sponsorship for floral display in the borough’s public areas and implementing this in co-operation with the Council
  • organising competitions for schools which maximise the educational use of their grounds
  • running an incentive scheme for schools to assist the sustainable development of their grounds
  • organising a floral art competition for students in the borough
  • holding special functions to promote the competitions and to inform and educate attendees
  • promoting our objects by means of public exhibition and participation in public fairs
  • taking any other suitable opportunity for the furtherance of the objects


The policy and activity programme of RBIB are determined by a committee of volunteers representing the different villages of the borough, being individually members or associates of:

  • a community organisation (e.g. residents association, horticultural association)
  • a traders association

It is also comprised of:

  • Councillor representation
  • Council officer representation
  • Individuals having a special role (e.g. Town Centre Manager)

Membership of the committee is by invitation. There is no restriction on the time a volunteer may serve.

There is no general membership scheme in place although this could be initiated if the Committee wished to do so.



The founding officers were volunteers, whose continuance is subject to the approval of the Committee. Other appointments which may from time to time be made by the Committee include:

Deputy Chairman

Sub-groups may be formed as required.

Meetings of the Committee take place 6-8 times per annum on mutually convenient dates to determine policy and organise the programme of events and activity.


Finance is the responsibility of the Committee and managed by the Treasurer.
The Bank account is at Lloyds TSB and all cheques require 2 out of 3 signatories, or approval by 2 signatories for online payments. Only the Treasurer has access to the online banking. The signatories are the Treasurer, the Chairman and one other Committee member.

The Treasurer provides to the Committee an Annual Statement of Account after the end of each calendar year.


Any changes to this Constitution may be made by majority decision of the Committee at any time.


In the event of the Committee deciding to disband, any funds remaining would be offered to the Council’s Parks Department for the furtherance of their maintenance of public areas.

This Constitution was adopted by the Committee on September 21st 2010.